Ice Cream

Ice Cream


Consisting of Daniel D’Errico and Alap Momin, New York-based production duo ‘Ice Cream’ share a compulsion for exploring new tones and textures with the goal of creating a universal primitive vibe within their music.

Daniel’s productions and DJ sets pull from all four corners of the globe, often injecting the kinetic pulse of Africa and Brazil. Additionally, his design work extends to many disciplines within audio, including multi-sampling and virtual instrument design for Puremagnetik and audio-post production on films by Ted Fendt and Andrew Neel. Alap was part of the revolutionary Hip-Hop group ‘Dälek’, releasing seven albums in between his embarks on numerous tours. More recently he has engineered, produced and composed for artists and brands such as Eugene Hütz (Gogol Bordello), Versace, Jamaican cell phone company Digicel, AEW Wrestling Tag Team Duo ‘Private Party’, Icelandic rockers Fufanu and more.

A vast wealth of contrasting experience in the industry between the two has created the perfect combination for a lush, albeit eccentric, musical powerhouse. Their music embraces a rough and tumble approach to modern production techniques, with tracks that aren’t afraid to let their playful mischief shine through. The result is often a cloudy haze of sound engulfed in propulsive percussion, filtered synth riffs and chopped up vocals.

After the success of their debut self-titled EP on Alap’s own label ‘Internet & Weed’, their highly anticipated follow up release is due to premiere on September 18, 2020. It’s a two-track affair that traverses the styles of Dancehall and Reggaeton, while evoking a sense that neither were written by humans, but instead depict the sonic results of some crash landing from the psychotropic heavens above.

Ice Cream’s influences run the gamut, from Phillip Glass to MC Bin Laden, Phil Collins, Kanye, Bo Diddley, DJ Lag, John Carpenter, Mr.Vegas, Crystal Waters, themes from 80’s cartoons, “Ride the Lightning”-era Metallica, Sun Ra, Qawwali music, RD Burman, and the Misfits.