River Hooks who hails from New York City is a self taught multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and engineer. She was born and raised in the streets of District of Columbia and Maryland. She’s also no stranger to the music industry, as she works as a full time music publicist at ViciousKid PR. Her debut EP 11:11 is her first fully self-produced project since her 2018 single “Worth it,” which now holds over 40,000 streams. While producing her own music in her studio bedroom she has collaborated on several projects with producers such as Villain’s “Latch Off Of Me”, Lucian’s “Real or Fake” and Kate Brunotts “Hugsrdrugs”. Her musical inspirations stem from indie pop, but she is not afraid to step inside of other genres. Currently, you can find her uploading covers on Instagram, which have gained attention from the artists she covers, including Gracie Abrams on her song “21”. River Hooks also uploads originally produced covers on her Soundcloud page, which is how she started learning how to produce. She hopes to write and produce for other artists and be recognized by her original sounds. River Hooks is already prepared to release her second full length EP in early 2021.


   River Hooks